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Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions
Pharmacy Automation
  • In-Patient Automation

  • Out-Patient Automation

  • Medical Storage Automation

  • Medication Smart Cart

X-Ray Systems
  • Digital X-Ray

  • Digital Mobile X-Ray

  • X-Ray Retrofit Panel

  • Mammo Retrofit Panel

  • Full Leg Full Spine

  • CR Digitizer

  • Diagnostic Printing

  • X-Ray Films

Diagnostic & Clinical Displays
  • 12MP, 6MP, 5MP, 3MP, 2MP Diagnostic Color Display

  • 5MP, 3MP Diagnostic Mono Display

  • 24" Clinical Color Display

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Breast
  • Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

  • 2D Mammography

  • Density Assessment

  • New! Risk Evaluation

AIR Purification Systems
  • For Healthcare Facilities

  • Negative Pressure Room

  • High Purity Air Filteration

IT Solutions

IT Solutions
Printers & Consumables

Lexmark and OKI printers & consumables

Label Printing Solutions

Toner-Based Colour LED Label Printer.

To cater for in-house just-in-time label printing requirements.

IT Support Services

Nationwide IT Support Services


Provide end-to-end solutions to manage enterprise wide printing requirements

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